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Humans are known for their good demographics, therefore their Unit Production is 25% cheaper.
Ogres are strong race. Over all their history they were great soldiers, especially in attack. They receive 25% attack bonus.
Goblins are nasty creatures, and they know how to fight back. If you join this race you will gain 25% defense bonus.
Dark Elves are known around the land for being cunning and farsighted, therefore they receive 35% cheaper spy.
High Elves are known for their loving care and knowledge about nature. By choosing them you will gain 60% cheaper improvements in all areas.
Dwarves have always lived deep in the mountains and are great mine workers. You will gain 30% more income from mines.
Wizards have a way about money. Their commerce output is highest in the land. You will receive 25% more income from commercial areas.

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